“The proof that one truly believes, is in action”

-Bayard Rustin

The What

The Work was created with the purpose of educating those who are interested in embarking on the path toward equality and equity. Using education as the platform, we will be able to understand the current state of Black and other POC communities within the United States.

This free site is for any level of understanding: from those who are interested in learning more about diversity work to those that have been doing The Work for some time and are looking for more resources. The Work will always be in a state of development as we are all constantly learning of the racial landscape around us.

“Those who say it cannot be done are usually interrupted by others doing it”

-James Baldwin

The Who

My name is Derek Lipscomb. I am currently an educator and an administrator in New York City. I graduated from Columbia University and received my Master’s Degree in Education from University College London – Institute of Education.

My studies have helped me design a diversity curriculum that can help students, teachers, families, and everyone in between learn about the history of the United States through a POC lens while connecting past experiences to the present and starting necessary conversations surrounding race.